Want to gain better insight to uncover your true

    customer base and convert them to paid happy customers?

  • Let's face it.

    An entrepreneur's responsibilities are heavy and scary.


    Most of a founder’s time is based on trial and error and finding inexpensive methods to push their business to the next level. Today we are seeing startups embrace User Experience (UX) very early into their business growth cycle—in many cases, making it more important than fundraising!


    I invite you to come and discover valuable steps that I have used and practiced for the past seven years to help many companies reduce their customer acquisition cost and improve their customers' lifetime value.

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  • The Benefits: ROI of UX

    Here are four ways how attending the UX Masterclass for

    Entrepreneurs can effectively make your business better.

    The King of KPIs

    UX increases Key Performance

    Indicators (KPIs) by 83%.

    Reduce Development Time

    User Involvement helps improve

    decision-making and prioritize development tasks.​

    The Return

    Every dollar invested in UX

    brings 100 dollars in return.

    The Budgets

    11.5% of product development budget

    are spent on average on UX



    Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin both attended usability classes at Stanford and continue to innovate heavily with UX today.

    Jeff Bezos funded customer experience over advertising 100:0 in the first year and continues to invest heavily in optimizing the website user experience.

    According to Mike Gebbia, the shift from failure to $10B valuation can be attributed to user research."When we started talking to our customers and seeing how they used our service, it was the defining moment of success that turned the company around."

    Tom Proulx was a co-founder and first programmer of Intuit and pioneer of usability testing in the 1980s.


    Q: Ok, sounds great. Why are you doing this for free?

    A:) I've been facilitating workshops for over six years. I love the energy in the room of people who are hungry for knowledge. User experience success should not have a gatekeeper; every idea deserves the opportunity to discover its true purpose.

    Q: What should I expect when attending your workshop?

    A.) This will be one the most engaging collaborative environments you have ever been a part of. I don't want to spoil it for you.

    Q: What do I need to bring to the event?

    A.) Hang your inhibitions at the door. Get ready to interact with strangers and unleash your imagination. It is recommended that you bring any kind of computer device to take notes. Sometimes a good old fashioned notebook and pen does wonders.

    Q: Will you be the only facilitator?

    A.) This is a new initiative from our agency. However, we are interested in having guest speakers come in and wow the crowd. Know someone? Send me an email: guestspeaker@5ivehat.com

    Q: What other services do you provide?

    A.) Our company 5ivehat provides a number of digital services, but our main focus is User Experience Strategy and Design. Need our help? Send us an email: hi@5ivehat.com or visit our homepage.


    For over 17 years, I have built businesses, created jobs, and consulted for startups and large corporations. Get to know me.